Personal Injury Attorneys

Sherwood Law Group (“SLG”) provides personal injury services, including automobile accidents, premises liability, slip and fall, wrongful death, products liability, dog bites, construction accidents, work accidents/third party injuries, motorcycle, trucking, boat, and all other vehicle, premise, property, and products-related accidents. Injuries sustained in accidents range from whiplash to fractured bones, ligament/muscular injuries, debilitating spinal injuries, disfigurement, mental trauma, and wrongful death. It is imperative that injured parties immediately seek counsel from an experienced attorney to preserve witnesses, evidence, and all legal rights.

SLG has successfully represented thousands of clients in personal injury matters and is here to help navigate and educate each client through the process. Our unique collaborative approach to tackling complex cases involving disputes over liability and/or damages contributes to our repeated success in settlements and verdicts. From the beginning of the representation, each and every client will experience an aggressive approach to the investigation and preservation of evidence. SLG prides itself in its thoroughness, obtaining favorable results on difficult cases, and client communication/responsiveness. Our team is dedicated to returning phone calls and emails within twenty-fours of receipt.

SLG’s aggressive approach to cases has allowed them to take on and successfully obtain results on many difficult and abnormal accident cases including but not limited to trampoline accidents, elevator/escalator accidents, go-cart accidents, amusement and theme park accidents, ceiling collapses, porch and patio failures, and hundreds of slip, trip, and falls involving ice and snow, water, other liquid substances, gravel, salt, concrete and other loose impediments. Finally, having an in-house workers’ compensation department sets SLG apart from other firms with their unique ability to diagnose third-party cases and obtain settlements and verdicts for injured workers who have a secondary recovery to their primary workers compensation case. Those cases have included but are not limited to machine injuries, forklift accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, roof failures, elevator accidents, product liability and failure, and commercial warehouse cases.

SLG’s attorneys are experts in the negotiation and advocacy against the Defendant’s insurance carriers. SLG’s injury attorneys will prosecute the claim with diligence and at an expeditious rate to recover all damages available, including, but not limited to, medical bills, lost wages, disability, pain and suffering, loss of normal enjoyment of life, permanency, disfigurement, and wrongful death.

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